I'm a photographer most passionate about capturing moments. It means that I will never pose you in tacky poses and ask you to smile at the camera all the time - life is not always smiling, right?
I love the essence, authentic and intimate moments and I always try to be as much natural as possible to capture who you are and tell your story through beautiful images.

It doesn't matter if you hire me to photograph your wedding or to do a boudoir shoot. I want to get to know you as a friend than just a photographer so I can make your day very special and unforgettable!

A little bit about me

You spend most of your days working, right? So why don't to work on something that you embrace? In the past, I had a corporate career in Brazil where I was a Chemist, and I wasn’t pleased with that. Not the Chemist part, though - I've always been fascinated by the chemical reactions! But the corporate role: the stressful meetings, short deadlines, numerous reports.
When I realized that I wasn't happy at all, I quitted my job!

Most of the days you can find me drinking some almond latte in a cosy coffee shop, enjoying a glass of red wine in a good company or watching a new TV show on Netflix!! I live in downtown Toronto, and I love living here; I couldn't choose a better city to spend my days!