Last post I wrote about self-love and how your brain works when you have negative or positive thoughts. If you didn’t read yet, I truly recommend the reading –> click here.

Positive thoughts, always!

It has been proven that if you have positive thoughts, you’ll see things differently. #FeelYourselfProject is all about it. It helps you to see yourself in a better way. Yes, #FeelYourselfProject is a Boudoir photography. However, it is not ONLY a photography session. It is a whole experience customized especially for you. It captures the real beauty of yourself, and you don’t need to do uncomfortable and tacky poses to show your sensuality. This project is all about you.

Btw, you should check on what I am talking about here


You deserve to feel yourself!

It doesn’t matter if you are doing this for you or to give a beautiful book with stunning photos to your partner. In the end, you will feel powerful and confident! Plus, this is the gift you deserve!

#FeelyourselfDay is the day of your photoshoot. You will receive an A+ treatment since our first consultation. On the day of the photoshoot, you will get your hair and makeup done; have some drinks (alcoholic or not, it’s up to you!); I’ll take the best photos you’ve ever seen and the best thing: YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE FUN!


Boudoir photography in your home!

If you love your home and feel more comfortable doing your boudoir photoshoot there, my makeup artist and I can bring #FeelYourselfProject to you. I photographed Miss Allia in her home, we played some music, and it was awesome!

makeup: Camila Notari