Lifestyle, editorial or creative portraits!

      Editorial or creative portraits

      Editorial or creative portraits is ideal for creatives who want to show their work through photography. If art is part of your job, you might need beautiful photographs to translate what you do. For example, you are a makeup artist and want to publish your work in a magazine you admire, or you are a musician and need photos for your new album.

      After booking me for this session, firstly we’ll schedule a meeting to talk about your idea or project, location, and if you want to publish your photos. Editorial or creative portraits are perfect for

      • Makeup artists
      • Hairstylists
      • Musicians
      • Models
      • Actors


      Lifestyle photography is a candid and relaxed style of photography because it tells a story through images, and it aims to capture people with genuine emotion without the pressure of stiff posing.

      This style of photography is not about perfect smiles and instead are about documenting people as they are, doing what it is that they do.

      As a Toronto lifestyle photographer, I will encourage you to interact amongst yourself and try to forget you are being photographed. In other words, I will direct my clients into meaningful interaction – it is the famous pose unposed! This style of photography is perfect for:

      • Couples (engaged, not engaged, married, as long as there is love!)
      • Maternity
      • Families
      • Just you (tell me your idea, and we can work it out!)
      • Bloggers

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