Personal branding is not only your business logo or the font you’ve chosen. It is what you want to transmit to the public; what your product or service has to offer to your clients. 

Photography is essential to market your business.

Every business owner should educate themselves on what it means to use strong and good photography.

So here are 5 main reasons why your business should have a professional personal branding photoshoot:

  1. Photography gives your client a first impact – good or bad!

    Imagine this scenario: you are hungry, heading to a restaurant close to your home that you know the food is great and healthy. Then you receive a flyer from a famous burger restaurant with a photo of a juicy burger with crispy bacon and melted cheese in a perfect and fluffy bun  (ok, I’m really hungry now!).

    I’m pretty sure your next thought will be: screw the healthy food, I am going to have that burger. See what just happened? You see a photo and you want that, simple! Much like eating, we shop with our eyes. Now put this situation in your business and think about it!

    toronto coffee shop personal branding

  2. Hire a professional photographer!

    How much is your brand worth to you? Just as you budget for your logo, marketing strategies and your website, it is just as important to set aside a budget for photography. A lot of businesses don’t see it’s essential. Most feel their smartphones or a friend with an entry-level camera is good enough. Is it though? Don’t disconnect your clients by using low-quality images across your marketing platforms.

    Two female entrepreneurs for a personal branding photography in Toronto

  3. Tell your story with personal brand photography.

    Photography in your brand helps to show who you are and allows clients to get to know you – it’s a way to connect with your customers on a deeper level, and create affinity that goes beyond your brand name. 

    Headshot for personal branding in Toronto

  4. Your image is yours!

    It seems redundant, but it makes sense! While other businesses are using stock photos to promote their business, hiring a photographer allows for your brand to look less cookie-cutter and more unique.
    The last thing you want is for your company to look the same as your competitors. Make sure that you always keep your images updated!

    Modern headshot for a realtor in, Toronto

  5. Increase your conversion.

    If you want to attract attention to your brand, you need to have an inspiring first impression through great photography. High-quality photos allow your clients to have a better look at your product or services and you can convince your audience that you take your work, and your brand presence seriously.

    Toronto fitness blogger personal branding

Ready to book your personal branding photoshoot for your business?

Some of the business showed above are:

Istanbul Cafe, Cleo Social, Robson Oliveira and Jesse James.