About Me


      I love cats, pizza and wine. I love spending evenings with my husband. I laugh and hug a lot! I listen to music while I work, and I run on coffee. I follow my gut and am very trusting. I recently married the love of my life after 10 years together. We live in downtown Toronto surrounded by our baby cacti and plants!

      I come from a busy city in Brazil. I’ve been a computer technician, have a Chemistry degree and worked as a corporate chemist for half a decade. Now I’m a proud Photographer living my dream life in Toronto, Canada!

      I had been struggling with “who am I” and “who I want to be” for ages – I mean, haven’t we all? But I finally found her.

      Finding myself took years, but I’ve learned so many precious things along the way. This path created the person I am now. And I couldn’t be happier!

      I learned that working in corporate gave me money and experience, but didn’t provide me with passion, balance or my ideal of personal success. Passion, balance, success: these three words are my core values and without them, I wouldn’t be me.

      I have always dreamed big, believing that one day I would pursue my dreams. And I was right!

      Photography has incredible powers. It can bring out and convey emotion. It can bring objects to life. It can make a subject feel strong and fierce. I love everything about photography; I bring my heart and soul to my work each and every day.

      So whether you’re looking to boudoir, brand, or any other photography, let’s connect. I cannot wait to work with you!


      ♡ My husband’s goodnight kisses
      ♡ Nice and hot cup of coffee in the morning
      ♡ Netflix
      ♡ Glass(es) of wine, why not?!
      *This is me and my husband on our wedding day! Credits to the amazing photographer Rafa Ramos.


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