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What's the difference between Personal Branding and a Corporate Headshot?

A corporate headshot is one photo of your face that doesn't show anything specific about you, but it is the first step towards your personal branding. When you invest in professional headshots it simply puts you at a different standard so that clients will look at you and take you seriously. If you are the face of your brand, headshots are absolutely essential.

Personal branding photography is a collection of photos (not only of your face) that helps to show your potential clients who you are and what your brand represents.

Your branding can influence the way your clients (and future clients) think about you and your business or product.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is a powerful opportunity to make an incredible first impression.

A lot of us have incredible professions where we don’t actually need so much corporate headshots, but personal branding. Personal Branding Photography is dedicated to small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use photography to help build their brand and online presence.

Photos that more accurately portray you as a professional and show off your unique personality and style are so important to creating a brand, getting clients and growing your business.

If you are thinking of creating lifestyle content, intense and captivating photos are essential to your personal branding. They will allow you to convey your personality to your audience to connect with them on an emotional level.

My work as a Toronto personal branding photographer is to captivate your audience with stunning and skillfully curated photography that tells your brand story and keeps customers coming back for more.

If you are ready to book your personal branding session, contact me to schedule your free consultation call. If not, keep reading to learn more!



Headshot of Genevieve, for her mortgage business in Toronto
Headshot of Jenn Baswick for her personal branding photoshoot in toronto
Personal Branding Photographer - photograph of Yahya shot in Toronto
Headshot of Adriana Vandelinde. Toronto author and english teacher.

Why personal branding photography is important for your business

You put a lot of effort and passion into your business as part of your own self! Don’t settle for anything less than inspiring photography that promotes that powerful bond between your brand and your clients. You need images that translate what your business is, that inspire and instantly transport your clients to using your product or services.

Strong visual imagery is vital to making sure people have a clear understanding of your mission and purpose. These factors are the key to branding success! Much like eating, we shop with our eyes. We make many purchase decisions based on first impressions and your brand could not be any different. Your branding can influence the way your clients (and future clients) think about you and your business or product. As a result, personal branding photography can have a massive impact on your business.

Personal branding photographer located in Toronto

When is it time for a Personal Branding photoshoot?

Clients come to me at all stages in their business. Whether you are just starting your business and need a few images for your website or you are an established business ready to take it to the next level.

Some of my clients need photos in a certain schedule to keep their social media fresh and full of variety.

Others are already well established but they want to take their business to a new direction and need new photos to complete their branding.

Other clients come to me for a specific marketing promotion and need photos to launch their new products or services.

Product photography offered by Bruna Rico Photography. Photo of Terradomi Candles Co.

I need portraits and product photography for my business. Is that something you offer?

Absolutely! Whether you need styled product photos for your social media or white background for your eCommerce website, I am here for you.

Portraits and product photography are included in all personal branding packages in case you need both. However, if your business is only product base, you have the option to choose from product photography packages separately.




My job is to make sure you have the best experience during the whole time you are working with me - from our first consultation call from the moment you receive your images.

Every step is take to ensure you'll feel relaxed, connected and confident throughout, so that I can capture the best images of yourself to convey your brand story.

After our first call (where I understand what you do and how I can make your business shine), you will fill out a questionnaire, so that during your visual branding strategy session we will uncover all the parts of your story that you need to be telling.

Next I'll put together a detailed photoshoot plan including everything you need to be prepared: clothes, props, locations and a final image shoot list.

You'll also receive some emails to make sure you have everything ready for the day of your session. You can always contact me with unlimited email support up until the day!

Every personal brand session with me includeS

• Visual brand strategy session with an inspiration board;

• Detailed photoshoot plan including clothing, colours, props and a final image shoot list;

• Guidance and posing during the photoshoot;

• Full edited and retouched images;

• High resolution images and social media size according to your needs - I'll custom crop your images for most social media purposes including square, facebook banners, ads, instagram crop and more;

• Professional Hair & Makeup available as add-on.

Consultant business owner headshot

"I have never met a more professional or creative photographer! Bruna always gets the shot, Her editing is flawless and she is so relaxing to work with" - Cristina, blogger and SEO expert

How do I book a consultation or a photoshoot?

I'd love to hear about your business or your next project. Contact me here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Can I do my personal branding session at a specific location? Do you have a studio?

Most of my clients prefer doing their photoshoot in my studio. But, if you have a place in mind, we can certainly do your photoshoot in another location. Depending on the location you choose, there may be a travel fee. Contact me and I'll let you know.


Why not book a free 15-30 minute chat with me. You just need to take your first step and I'll quickly be able to help you to know which is the best path for you!